Thursday, February 3, 2011

And so it began....

So here it is.  My first blog.  Let me start by saying I'm a novice.  A newbie. Completely clueless to all things technological and computer-related.
So....why am I blogging?  After multiple requests for various recipes and healthy eating ideas I thought instead of writing/emailing them to individuals I could just post/blog them and have them available for everyone at once.
How did this all start?  About 2 years ago I did my first body cleanse/detox.  At that time I experienced such significant changes that I began researching food and healthier ways of eating.  I am by no means a professional on food or nutrition.  I have just discovered what type of food/eating has made a difference for me.
I currently am eating primarily vegan, gluten free with a lot of raw foods (I have tried to go all raw but with a nut allergy, 2 small children and a carnivore-loving husband have found it to be limiting, difficult and expensive).  Vegan and gluten free do have their challenges but are more doable with a family, allergies and "real life".  In addition, I try to eliminate all processed sugars (& use only natural sweeteners such as agave, honey & dates), trans fats and partially hydrogenated oils.
Do I eat this way 100% of the time?  No.  I definitely "cheat" but I just try to keep it to a minimum.
Do I consider this a diet?  Heck no!  Just the word makes me cringe.  I have told my husband I consider the way I eat not a diet but a "do-it".  It's more about choosing good things for me than about all the things I can't have.  (Cheesy & nerdy, I know).
Do my kids eat this way too?  Yes and no.  A lot of nights they have to eat what mommy makes.  But hey - part of the fun of being a kid is eating pizza at Chuck E Cheese and ice cream with Nanee!  :)
Has this really made a difference?  Absolutely!

So there it is in a nutshell (or in my case, a hemp seed shell)!  

Hopefully the wonderful world of technology and I can co-exist in my attempts to maintain this blog!



  1. finally.......thanks. looking forward on your next entry:-) Hello Boss

  2. Yay Cherith! Looking forward to all the recipes.